Create Calm in the Chaos.

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We are living in a time of great uncertainty, a time of great change, and upheaval.

We are fearful, we are afraid, we are powerless against the unseen foe.

It is frightening to think of what is happening to our world, our lives and way of life.

None of us have faced anything like this in our lifetimes.

I see suspicion and fear in peoples eyes.

I see them avert their eyes when we pass each other, (observing our 2 metre social distancing of course) whether it is at the supermarket, or along the road.


The endless stream of updates, via TV or social media, frightening statistics of what is happening in our world, reminding us that we too, are vulnerable to this unseen predator unless we do what is needed.

We need to stay home and save lives.

How can we help ourselves feel more in control of our lives?

Calm ourselves when there is chaos all around?

When we feel we are on the edge of a precipice?

While the fear and anxious feelings are very real, I think it is important for us to be able to feel like we have some control.

To know that we can do things to help ourselves to feel calm in the chaos.

Lets look at some ideas to help!

Acknowledge the fear.

It is real, and it is very scary, AND there are things we can do to minimise the risk.

By following the guidelines provided, ( from your local leaders.) we can help ourselves.


When we are stressed and anxious we often forget to breathe! and so we feel more stressed. Learning to 'ground' ourselves, and breathe in a way to support our nervous system.

Use Calming tools.

Calming essential oils such as 'Balance', 'Lavender Peace' and others, are wonderful to help bring us back into our bodies, and allow us to let go of the anxious feelings.

Meditation and mindfulness are another tool which is so useful in times of uncertainty. Calming your mind is possible, it is a learned skill, and with practice I'm sure you will find it so helpful. I love to recommend Headspace, as it is what I have learned to use myself.


We as humans are all wired for connection, we need to feel connected, seen and heard, in order to feel ok in our world. That is why we often struggle so much when we feel emotionally cut off from our loved ones. When we cannot physically see touch and talk to our family and friends.

'Lockdown' is hard for us.

To help with this, every single day make an effort to connect in other ways with friends and family, try using technology, phone, zoom, or facetime.


It is so easy, when faced with challenging situations to focus on what is wrong with everything, what we don't have, what we are missing.

Especially if we feel afraid, and fearful.

We cannot go to work- We are 'stuck at home' - we can't see our family and friends, socialise, and do the activities we love!

Try turning the negative into the positive and notice what happens.

Every single day, find at least 5 things that you can be grateful for and write them down.

Studies show that people who have a gratitude practice are happier, healthier and more resilient.

Learning to create calm in the chaos is possible,

Creating your own little calm spot in your home, and in your heart is an important part of taking extraordinary care of yourself, so you have energy and strength to care for the others in your life.

Sent with love

Julie x

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