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    Hi, I am Julie,

    Essential Oil Educator, Coach and wife and mum to my 'Special Needs Family' aka my autistic family members.


    I have been right where you are now!

    I have struggled with self-doubt, intermittent depression and overwhelm for years, as I have continually tried to juggle all the balls of my family’s lives and try and understand what was happening.


    I thought I was the ONLY one!

    I thought there was something wrong with ME!


    Neurodiverse relationships are not easily understood in the wider community, and so require different support than most.


    Friends and family often say things like:

    "All men are like that"

    or "My husband does that stuff too.."

    or the worst one.. "its your fault! you should do x y z!"


    I had started to notice I was experiencing long term effects of ongoing, unremitting stress and so decided I needed to do something different!


    I did some research!

    • I learned about Autism!
    • I learned about neurodiverse relationships, when one person has autism
    • I found support from others like me
    • I learned ways to Take Back my Life!
    • I learned to look after Me!


    If you are feeling lost and alone, it is time to Take Back your Life!


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