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    Essential Emotions Coaching

    Identify and Release Unwanted emotions with Julie

    Julie has been a Personal Coach since 2009 and recently completed further training to become certified as a Essential Emotions Coach - (April 2023.)


    As such she is able to assist you to identify and release unwanted emotions with the aid of essential oils.

    This is a simple yet profound process which helps you to process, release and Live Free.


    You do not have to have essential oils of your own, to have a coaching session!

    You just need an open mind and open heart.

    If you are ready to experience the power of coaching and essential oils book your Essential Emotions Coaching session below.


    Lets help you to feel better now!



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    I've just had the privilege of being treated to an 'Emotions Coaching Session' with Julie Rowlands. She does a wonderful job in taking you through how to use essential oils to deal with and reprogram your emotions. Creating a safe space, she gently guides you through how to identify what you are feeling emotionally and/or physically and then pairing an essential oil that would be beneficial in anchoring a new awareness to associate with that feeling. Julie made me feel supported throughout the session and I cannot thank her enough for the experience in opening me up to a new way of dealing with my feelings. Would highly recommend anyone to book a session with her.


    Audra : Holistic health practitioner Sydney Australia

    Dec 2022


    All the ways from New Zealand she did a beautiful breakthrough session for me, absolutely love it.

    If you are in NZ definitely will recommend you to do the face to face, and you get to smell her oils and use them, however online in australia if you have yours oils, definitely send her DM!


    Beautiful soul

    Samah : Doterra Wellness Advocate Sydney Australia.

    Dec 2022


     I recently received an online Essential Emotions Coaching session from Julie in which she guided me to tune into the location of some of my blockages, which essential oils could be helpful in the process of releasing these, plus ideas to move forward. Julie has a beautiful warm and empathetic nature, is super supportive in her approach and has in-depth knowledge of the emotional aspect of essential oils. Highly recommended! “


    Thanks so much Julie!!

    Vivian Doterra Wellness Advocate

    Perth WA

    Dec 2022



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